Google launches “Spell Up” game To chrome for you & I improve our English using Our voice

nexusae0_thumb-150x150Spell Up, a new word game and Chrome Experiment that Google has designed to helps you & I improve our English using our voice and a modern browser, if that is a requirement.

The goal of the game is to correctly spell the words you hear and stack them to build the highest word tower you can—letter by letter, word by word. The higher the tower gets, the more difficult the word challenges: You’ll be asked to pronounce words correctly, solve word jumbles and guess mystery words. You can earn bonuses and coins to level up faster.

It is an educational type of game and Google has tried to make it as interesting as possible. Google points out that, to come with this game; it has worked with game designers and teachers to make Spell Up both fun and educational.  Google looks forward to see teachers bring this game to class during English lessons.

Yes, this sounds good deal. Times are changing and so it is technology. My time in school we used to refer to BIG English Dictionary book found in the library to learn spellings and definitions of English vocabularies. Thanks to technology you can get this done with a click of a button. It is good to be innovative, and I believe Google Spell Up challenge is a healthy game for students and for us who have care about spelling words in English Language the right way.

Where can I find this game, in the Play Store?

If you are looking Spell Up on the play store you won’t find it, at least for now. Google has designed it to work in the Chrome browsers. Spell Up game will work best in Chrome browser for PC and Android phones & tablets too. It also works on iPhones & iPads, but you’ll need to type rather than talk.

Whether you’re just learning English or you’re a native speaker, give it a shot! And if you are an English teacher, we encourage you to try it out in your classroom.

Anyways, thanks for AUTO-SPELL check, it helps me write sensible articles. Otherwise, I would be writing strange English Lol J! Now that Google has come up with Spell Up game, I am yet to decide whether I should go for beginner, intermediate or Expert level. Choose your level first and I will follow.


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