Google introduces a new setting tool to Control your Google ads

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Most of Google’s revenue is generated from showing ads, both on its own services and on third-party sites running Google’s ad network.

Now, Google is introducing a new tool to users that lets you see and control the information Google uses to show you ads, but it comes with an (optional) expansion of Google’s advertising personalisation.

With this you can now customize your settings, so as to be in control of the ads that are delivered to you based on your Google Account, across devices, by editing these settings. These ads are more likely to be useful and relevant to you.

You can access the new ad settings control panel from your Google account settings. Right at the top is a toggle to enable or disable all ad personalization. Turn that off, and the Google ads you see will no longer be based on your data (when you’re logged in, obviously).

The ads settings page also includes a list of all the ad topics in which Google thinks you might be interested.

Google ads controls

Ads Settings has three main controls:

  1. When you’re signed in to your Google Account – Ads Personalization
  2. When you’re signed out of your Google Account
    Ads Personalization Across the Web
    Ads Personalization on Google Search

With Ads based on your interests on

  • The ads you see will be delivered based on your prior search queries, the videos you’ve watched on YouTube, as well as other information associated with your account, such as your age range or gender
  • On some Google sites like YouTube, you will see ads related to your interests, which you can edit at any time by visiting this page
  • You can block some ads that you don’t want to see

With Ads based on your interests off

  • You will still see ads and they may be based on your general location (such as city or county)
  • Ads will not be based on data Google has associated with your Google Account, and so may be less relevant
  • You will no longer be able to edit your interests
  • All the advertising interests associated with your Google Account will be deleted

Control ads on 2 million+ websites

You can opt-out of and control more ads, such as:

  • ads shown anonymously to this browser by Google
  • ads shown to you on non-Google sites
  • ads that use information from your visits to advertiser websites
  • ads shown to you on Google sites when you are not signed in

Google Inc. adheres to advertising industry privacy standards. To learn about these standards, including how you can opt out of interest-based advertising from Google and other participating companies, visit our About Google Ads page. If you want to permanently opt out of the DoubleClick cookie, you can install the DoubleClick opt-out extension.

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