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Google released a revamped version of Quickoffice late last for free to the Play Store. The company has two office suites with nearly identical interfaces. Now the Quickoffice and Google Drive; which one should you use? Here at FinestAndroid.com will make things simple for you.

If you look at the two services; you will find them to be comparable for the casual user, but if you’re going to do any real work, Quickoffice is probably the best for the work. As far as being a competent document editor goes, Quickoffice is still the superior app. Google Drive is no slouch, but Quickoffice simply offers more features and you can work offline. If you have to create a document on the go that contains tables, images, colors, and charts, you will have better luck using Quickoffice to crank it out. Not only is the interface easier to handle, but since the editing takes place offline, it’s going to provide a smoother experience

Google has made it free app on Google play store and so you can create and edit Microsoft® Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your Android phone and tablet.

Better with Google Drive

With up to 15Gb of free storage, you can save your work in Google drive and access it from any mobile device or computer. Sign in with your Google Account to save work in Google Drive.

Also, you can open and view PDF files on your device as well PDF files on Google Drive.


As there are a number apps in the play store that offer users with access to MS Office docs on mobile. Most of them are paid for, while others are free but of cause with less feature. Google is keeping it free on Quick office, with a whole new features that might lack in other apps. You still can collaborate even on your smartphone and PCs. You can as well share document files via Skype, Bluetooth, ChatON for Samsung devices, and Gmail.

Quickoffice and a Google Account offers:

  • Create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Access files in Google Drive and on your device
  • Open and view PDF files
  • Share files through previously shared Google Drive folders
  • Attach files to emails

Quickoffice varies with devices.



User reviews: This app is installed on more than 10,000,000 Android devices and has an average rating of 4.2 on play store


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