Google Chrome to Phone

Google Chrome to Phone Google Chrome to Phone:

Sadly most of us cannot get Google Chrome on our mobile devices. The next best thing if you miss your browser is Chrome to Phone, which allows you to share links between your Chrome browser and your mobile device.

The app works surprisingly fast, and is really simple to use. All you have to do is install the app on your device, and the extension in your browser. It’s a one-click process that opens up the webpage automatically on your phone (or manually if you wish).

This was the first app that popped up in the market when I searched for Chrome. While it does not even come close to mimicking my favorite browser, it is able to work seamlessly with your phone, without being invasive or taking up too much space, to share links and webpages in the event that you need to do that. Trust me, those times come more often than you think.


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