Google Buys Photo-Analysis Startup Jetpac, a city guide app for iPhone

Jetpac CityGoogle has bought the Photo-Analysis Start up Jetpac, famously known as city guide application for iPhone. The developers who announced this news today via the The Next Web,  says that the free app (and others by the Jetpac team) will be removed from the App Store in the coming days, and the service that powers it will be shut down on September 15th from App store.

“Jetpac’s deep learning software, used a nifty trick of scanning our photos to evaluate businesses and venues around town. As MIT Technology Review notes, the app could tell whether visitors were tourists, whether a bar is dog-friendly and how fancy a place was.”

 The Next Web explains

Though Google Inc. side hasn’t quoted what exact business they intend to use this app for, the Jetpac’s technology inspired by Google researcher Geoffrey Hinton, seems to make good sense for Google company. But if I could guess, it is most probably Google would attempt to integrate these features with Google Maps or a location-based Google Now feature.

You can grab the Jetpac app for free on the iTunes Store, for the remaining at least 30 or less days before it crosses over to Google Play store!



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