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Gold Classic IconGold Miner Classic is one of the most popular online games. It’s created by Oldwang 1 developers, and now it’s available on Android platform. This is a free version where you collect gold nuggets by pressing the screen, the same way; you activate the sticks of dynamite which you can use when something else other than gold gets in your hands. This is a level game so as you progress you can buy more gold in the convenient shop.

Gold Miner Classic app is well polished and has super graphics that make is superb. You can switch into two modes, namely; Classic mode and innovative.  In classic, only one miner while your can let your friends join you in the innovative game mode. This mode supports up to two players.

Great and interesting game, there is no time to stare but a swift game play! The app runs on any device with Android v2.1 or later, and Flash 10.1 or higher.

Check at Google play store to download the free version.


  1. Aim on a gold while the hook swings, and click on the screen to release the hook
  2. Classic mode(one miner)
  3. Innovative advance mode (two miners)
  4. Each level has its own random maps. So it won’t be same experience every time you start a new game
  5. Nice character and outstanding graphics
  6. Click up to throw bombs
  7. Day and night game scenes
  8. You can submit your high score to compare with other players globally


Screenshot 1Screenshot 2










Well received by gamers, it shows a rating of 4.5 star on Play store.


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