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Gibberbot Free Secure Chat Gibberbot: Free Secure Chat app allows free unlimited messaging with your friends over Facebook Chat, Google Chat & more! Works with Android, iPhone, Mac, Linux or PC. This mobile phone application was created by The Guardian Project developers.

Being an  open-source secure chat client, it’s capable of firewall and filter circumvention, surveillance blocking and end-to-end encryption. It works with Google, Facebook, any Jabber or XMPP server, such as OpenFire or eJabberD. To use end-to-end encryption, both people must use an app like Gibberbot, ChatSecure (iOS), Pidgin (Linux/Windows), Adium (Mac) or Jitsi.

Gibberbot app can also add a layer of anonymity and protect your communications from many forms of Internet surveillance by connecting through Orbot, which allows your smartphone’s internet traffic to be routed through the Tor network in order to get through firewalls and filters to blocked chat services and servers over the Tor Network, in order to get through firewalls and filters to blocked chat services and servers.

Gibberbot App Features

  •  Completely free, unlimited messaging: No charges, ever. Chat all day with your friends across the street or across the ocean.
  •  Chat with anyone, anywhere: Chat with your friends on Google Chat (GChat), Facebook Chat, VKontakte, Yandex, Hyves, Odnoklassniki, StudiVZ, Livejournal, Jabber, and more!
  •  Works on every platform: Android with Gibberbot, iPhone with ChatSecure, Mac with Adium, Linux with Jitsi, Windows with Pidgin, and more!
  •  Unbeatable privacy: We keep your messages 100% private using state of the art Off-The-Record (OTR) encryption. Your conversations cannot be logged or intercepted by anyone. NOTE: These security measures only apply when your friend uses a compatible OTR client like Gibberbot, ChatSecure, Adium or Pidgin.
  •  No snooping: Your connection is encrypted so nobody can spy on your conversation. And the messages aren’t even kept in system memory for any prying apps to find.
  •  Automatically adds your friends: When you login with any account, including Google and Facebook, your contacts are added immediately.
  •  Fun built-in: Multiple themes are included and you can create your own custom wallpapers. Your friends get cute personal icons too!
  •  Chat that can’t be blocked: Use Gibberbot with our privacy plugin Orbot to bypass almost all firewalls, network restrictions and blacklists. Get the Orbot plugin, powered by Tor:
  •  Chat on any screen: Gibberbot is designed to be beautiful on any Android phone, tablet, or phablet.
  •  Ad-free: We want your love, not your money.
  •  Easy tutorial: Gibberbot is easy to use. Click here for a quick, interactive walkthrough:
  •  We speak your language: Gibberbot is available for friends who speak:
  • Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Swedish, Tibetan, Turkish, and but not the least Vietnamese.

Android users can download this app on Google play store. It is free but requires Android version 2.1 and up.


Gibberbot Free Secure Chat Gibberbot Free Secure Chat








User reviews:

Google play comments (582)!

This app is still in beta version, so anyone can submit a review on Google play store to help developers know what to add or remove. Thanks in advance!

Average rating: Four.2/5 star on Google play store.





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