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Apps that can save you money are always welcome and GasBuddy is the best app for finding cheap gas. Wherever you happen to be in the U.S. or Canada, you can install this app on your phone and it will provide you with a list of the gas stations in your vicinity in list or map view. All you have to do is choose the cheapest one. The app relies on an active community of users who earn points by reporting the latest prices. You can use points to win prizes like free gas.

Developed and published by, GasBuddy uses the location of the Android device to collect user-submitted gasoline prices.

Separated into the different types of gasoline, GasBuddy can show both a list and Google Maps of the locations of the gas stations. The service is dependent on gas price submittal by users, but the prices are updated consistently. The list is conveniently organized into tabs for Regular, Mid-Grade, and Premium gasoline, as well as Diesel fuel. Clicking on an item gives you more details such as the gas station’s phone number, services offered, and directions (via the Google Maps app) to help you get there.

It is easy to see the difference between the prices of gas stations. The app is very useful when in unfamiliar areas or when you are looking for the cheapest gas in the specific area.

This has some other nice features like the ability to filter results by gas station brand, toggle between metric and imperial distance units, save searches, and save individual gas stations as Favorites.

GasBuddy users can likewise manage their account on the mobile app. They can authorize in on the major web page enables them to view their profile, favored terminals, and definitely their qualification for the $250 gasoline card competitors.

This is a cheap gas app available for Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices, which is powered by Because of its dedicated community with members updating the gas prices all throughout the country in many gas stations, the app is considered one of the best.

A few apps’ screenshots bellow:

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User reviews:

Google play comments (443,171)!

GasBuddy is a money saver app that has received very positive comments for mobile phone users who installed the app.

Average rating: Four.6/5 star on Google play.


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