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Galaxy Chase iconGalaxy Chase: SE is an addictive space adventure game beautifully designed by It is indeed top and enjoyable game suitable for android platform. You can always try it out since it’s a free app on Google Play Store!

Game Description

You wake up, strapped in a rocket ship, being chased by aliens. You goal is to escape the invading force by navigating the asteroids, planet gravity, and enemy laser’s & missiles while trying to collect precious mineral fuel. Hurry up spaceman or you’ll be alien dinner.

Galaxy Chase! A space adventure game where run across the galaxy to warn Earth about Gornak, the Destroyer of Worlds.

You need to collect minerals and fuels along the way to hyperspace to next level, while evading Gornak’s attack! You can uUpgrade your ship using the minerals collected, or by buy a new ship instead, or even buy a new map–a whole new galaxy

This version is not compatible with the previous version, your game data will not be imported. The app requires Android version 2.1 and up

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User Reviews

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You can submit in your reviews at Google market. At the moment; Galaxy Chase: SE is receiving promising results in the market. Its rating at Google Play is 4.4/5 star


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