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Think of different kinds of fruits you know, by the way, do you usually take 3 different fruits each day as the doctors recommend for every living being or you thought fruits are intended only for kids? Well, if thought so you were wrong, adults need fruits just as kids’ do. If you dint knew, now you are informed. But with the Android, here we don’t eat fruits but we play a game out of it.

Usually human beings take fruits for a strong and healthy life, but developers have turned things round and made an interesting game which can be play on Android phone. Fruit Lines game from BANJEN Software makes a wonderful game of just clearing endless lines of Fruits. No matter how simple the game sounds to you, it is very challenging too. If you are not keen and fast enough the fruits in your Android screen will outdo you. This game can be installed both on Android smartphones and Tablets.

How do you play the game?

Players are expected to outdo fruits as they appear on screen by clearing each of the different fruits lining up to five or more in a row. You can either create vertical, horizontal and diagonal rows of at least five fruits of the same type. Three new ones arrive immediately as fruits disappear, so you’ll have to be both fast and efficient.

Game’s objective is to keep board clean from fruits by forming the vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. When you successfully form such lines of five fruits of the same type, these fruits disappear, and you gain one free turn; otherwise, three new fruits show were added. The game is over when the board is full.

Install this classic matching and eliminating puzzle game that provides you a good chance to show the world your skills and reflexes. With outstanding graphics and music, it gives you a good chance to enjoy the endless smash hitting joy.

A strategy game with fruits…

  • Very addictive game…. Be carefully!!!
  • Can play everywhere, anytime … free time, boring class, meeting!!
  • Nice graphic and lovely music that you should want to hear it all the day.
  • Unique technique allow you to get high scores, auto load your last game …

Control buttons (Redo, Config, High scores, Endgame, Redo) at bottom of the screen will help you to manage your game

Fruit Lines game is available on Google play for FREE. Try and enjoy it.


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User Reviews:

Google play commends (113)!

Nice game for kids.

Average rating: Four.8/5 star on Google play


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