Frequency Sound Generator

Frequency Sound GeneratorOur new app, launched successfully on Google play store.

You can download our latest Android app, Frequency Sound Generator on the Google play store. It is absolutely free to download and use, meaning there is no In-app purchase; how do you like that? If you are a fan of creating unique sounds, well, you can now do that right away on your phone  with our new sound app.

About Frequency Sound Generator

It is a simple wave form sound generator and oscillator Android app; designed and developed by our very own and only developer, Aleksandar. The app has been live in the Play store since 17th January, and marks our first new app this year. We want to assure our beloved users to expect more great apps in 2015.

Frequency Sound Generator, is easy to use tool for generating sounds on your phone. With it, you can create high variety of sounds and signals in just few seconds.

All controls are in real time and you can dynamically change the sound signals whatsoever you want. You can simply acquire different sound by mixing the waves from 3 oscillators, frequencies range from 20Hz to 20 KHz.  While playing a frequency, use the Modulation feature to regulate the sound sharpness. It is so easy, just tapping!

Use our Frequency Sound Generator and Oscillator app, to come up with amazing sounds ever! It’s all about creativity with noise here, so create your sound today and enjoy with this awesome app.

Want to learn more about our Frequency Sound Generator? Spare a few seconds to check out its features bellow:

  • 3 oscillators
  • every oscillator can generate 3 wave forms
  • accurate frequency selector with fast and slow controls
  • volume control
  • wave signal modulation control
  • CD audio – 16 bit PCM encoding / Sampling rate at 44100Hz
  • oscillator range is from20Hz to 20KHz
  • 2 speed frequency selector

If you need any kind of help on this app or any of our apps, feel free to contact us Via Our Contact page and we will be more ready to sort you out.


What you only require to use this app is an Android device running on OS version 3.0 or later. It is a light app, 1.1M only and you can download it on Google play store.


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User reviews: We are open to hear what you, our valuable user, think about this app. If you have tested it, kindly take a minute to share your comment on Google play. Cheers to those who are already doing so!

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