FOCUS@WILL ICONFOCUS@WILL: The best way to enhance your work productivity.

A cool way to work and be productive from ambient noise or music as studies show .  Focus@will is the new way to go as the music service is designed to give u maximum productivity. Researches at UCLA have gone a head to show that good music influences motivation and encourages people to fall into a zone where they are at most productive. Focus@Will has worked with them to help you focus, concentrate, and get into a working mood as you play and listen to the music. They are a lot of genres you can choose from and this gives you the impression of self control as the choice is yours on what you listen to while you work. Each song has around 100 minutes specifically crafted to help you work. Elements such as musical key, intensity,speed, arrangements, recording style, emotional values and song duration where highly considered before putting this together and determine what is played where and when.

The neuroscience based music increases ones attention 4 times better and energizes you more. The study was wildly researched on students, lawyers, writers, journalists and coders and gave prove to the results once predicted. Focus@Will has licensed tracks chosen specific so as not to distract you and help you focus. Its music has no vocals, saxophones, or any instrumentals that have been tested and found to distract. It makes it easier for one to get into the concentration flow as it soothes part of your brain, limbic system that is always alert to danger, food, sex or any attractive thing. The musical phase is sequenced to influence how your brain habituates hence enhancing your focus and reading enjoyment. This technology helps productivity in an adaptive audio technology form. But anyone can put on Erik Satie playlist and zone out for a little while. The playlist changes itself without you being disrupted.

Try this new technology and see how it works for you. Users with Android versions 3.0 and above can download this application via Google play store. In the mean time you can have a views of the landscape app’s Screenshots bellow.









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