Flopsy Droid for Android Wear, first Flappy Bird clone to hit Google Play.

Flopsy DroidFlappy Bird clone was one time the most popular game on the Google play store, for Android phones and tablets. While the owner decided to scrap it out of markets; there came numerous versions of this clones. Flopsy Droid, becomes the first Flappy bird clone to be administered in the play store exclusively for Android Wear. And I guess it won’t be the last.

You saw it coming? Well, even though its unofficial Flappy Bird port for Android Wear devices, you will at least be able to download and play this game on your Samsung Gear live, LG G Watch, Moto 360, or any other Android Wear device.

Flopsy Droid Android Wear version shares same controls as for smartphone version. Its UI is designed only for markedly smaller screens.


Flopsy Droid is the brainchild of German computer science student Sebastien Mauer, who claims that the game actually performs quite well on Android Wear. The game is based on the libGDX engine and various resources and assets from Replica Island, an open source side-scrolling platformer for Android. Mauer has released the full source code for Flopsy Droid on GitHub.

Flappy Bird, the hit game on both Android and iOS (iphone & iPad) at the beginning of this year is yet to find its way back to app stores after its removal. The named game had you navigate a flying bird through a seemingly endless set of narrow pipes. Only a few users still enjoys the game, if in case, they never uninstalled.flappy-bird-android-wear-flopsy-droidFlopsy Droid is free on the Google Play.



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