Fine Chromatic Tuner

Fine Chromatic Tuner Fine Chromatic Tuner

We are excited to announce that our Fine Chromatic Tuner app reached 8,000,000 installs on the play store. This is indeed great news to us and we thank you for using our apps.

Fine Chromatic Tuner is a chromatic instrument tuner that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instrument using the built-in mic in your Android device. This app is a free version which can be downloaded via Google play store, or you can go PRO by tossing out $1.29 only for our Fine Chromatic Tuner PRO and enjoy more features like Supports A 432 Hz which is NOT available in the free version.

Nevertheless; the free version is just as effective as the PRO version, only that, if you want to use additional features and stop Ads you can go PRO. This application has been gradually gaining popularity over the recent months, and we are trusting to receive even high installs in the coming months.

Users who have installed this app on their devices praise its nice and clean interface which allows them to find their pitch within no time.

The Fine Chromatic Tuner was adjusted and tested with acoustic guitars, soprano ukulele, tenor uke and electric guitars. It works well with all instruments from mid to mid-high range instruments as it was fine adjusted for the 70 Hz – 500 Hz. However, it is not suitable for bass guitars at least for now, but we already have “Fine Bass Tuner” for low range instruments.

This automatic chromatic tuner supports every screen size from small to large screens. Also works well with devices supporting 44100 16 bit audio input (almost every phone and tablet in mid – high price range) and 22050 16 bit audio input. It still works with the other possible settings but not so accurate.

Automatic chromatic tuner features include:

  • Automatic note selection
  • Ultra responsive -50 to +50 cent range fine tuning display
  • Precise to ±1/100 semitone (±1 cent)
  • Analog like needle
  • Exact frequency display.
  • Clean and simple analog like UI
  • Keep screen on while working.
  • Works in noisy surroundings

What’s New?

* Reaction time is decreased by 20 milliseconds

* Release time is adjusted to some better values

THIS IS VERSION 1.20 (BETA) so if you find any problem please Email us directly and we will fix it as soon as possible!


Fine Chromatic TunerFine Chromatic Tuner

User reviews: Fine Chromatic Tuner is well received on Android platform. Users of this app confirms that it responds  pretty accurate to every string.

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