Find My Phone: Brand new Android Wear app; forget your phone and quickly find it in just a tap

Find My PhoneFind My Phone (Android Wear) is an application designed for Android Wear. As you would guess, this is an application that will help you find your Android device. This tech is very possible since the two devices can link up using wireless technology and always in sync, and so Find My Phone app takes advantage of that connection to ring your phone when you can’t find you it at all.

The process of finding your phone is easy enough for anyone with this app and smart wear. However, you don’t have to disturb your neighbor to ring your phone so that you can try to locate it. What if your neighbor doesn’t have time? Definitely, that means it might not be a good experience to you. With Find My Phone (Android Wear), just tap on notification or start Find My Phone app on your watch and tap on the button to launch alarm and visual signals on your phone (even if it’s in silent mode).

The UI is incredibly simple as it is designed to ring your lost device and you pay attention. The app can be used under Android platform only, that is, so use it to find your Android smartphone or Table but not Windows 8.1 mobile or something.

On your phone or tablet you have a menu that lets you configure what kind of notifications you can set and how the phone responds when the app goes to find your phone. You can set notifications, ringtones, and even have your flashlight turn on if you prefer to help you find it in no light bases.

This app can be acquired via Google play store. It is a free version, up-gradable to PRO version which has added features like custom ringtones and the flashlight feature. The PRO version will cost you just $0.99 through an in app purchase. Therefore, if you will need all the features, it’s worth it and you can give it a shoot.

Here is some of its Screenshots

Find My Phone1Find My Phone2Find My Phone3

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