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Field Trip IconField Trip is all about convergence, these days. Your phone is slowly becoming every device you need in one small box, to the point where, it seems, we’ll no longer have set-top boxes, games consoles or computers. Instead, we’ll have a variety of different sized screens that can all dock with your phone, and the phone becomes whatever you need it to be!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Field Trip does turn your phone into a replacement for something, but not so grand as a gaming console. No, we’re talking travel brochure. Okay, there’s a bit more to it than that.

The basic premise of Field Trip is that it notifies you when you are near a point of interest. Obviously, what constitutes a “point of interest” is subjective, but, generally speaking the items tend to be interesting enough. Those items might be a landmark of some kind, the locations of a historical events, the location of a modern event that’s about to happen, or just the fact that there’s a really good restaurant around the corner.

You can set the app to let you know about items through a list, a map, or instant notifications – which would obviously be the best option if you think you, might be tempted to veer off of your course and take a look at one of the items Field Trip has found.

You can vote items up or down, allowing Field Trip to “tune” itself to your taste, something worth doing as the items that get suggested can border on obscure and pointless at times. The app will also present you with Google Offers whenever it can, which are shown as coupons for nearby businesses, although, these can be turned off, if you don’t want them.

Obviously, the app needs to know where you are in order to work, and will get this information from any available source (cell tower, WiFi triangulation, GPS), but, if you’re concerned about privacy, you can always turn off certain sharing options in Android itself, and the app still works nicely.

There is also a setting that allows you to adjust the nature of the items Field Trip suggests. For example, if you’re out sight-seeing with your parents, you don’t want your phone to beep every time you pass within fifty feet of a strip club. Although, the app can be set to inform you through the headphones when something is near, so maybe that wouldn’t be a problem.

Field Trip is a very clean app on the design front, with the information taking on the appearance of actual cards. It works smoothly, and seems to be, for the most part, interesting if not outright useful when walking around; especially if you’re walking around a city you’re not familiar with. And, as this is a Google app that works well and is handy on Android phones, it probably won’t be long before it’s rolled into Google Now!

Google Play store is where you can get Field Trip for Android, but if you check the details you will note it requires Android v2.1 or later


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Go on a Field Trip today!

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Field Trips android app is well received by users. Its rating is Four.4/5 star on Google play.

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