FB Black – ultra fast file manager

logo512 This is a new app by FinestAndroid

Manage and browse all your folders and files with this useful, simple and small free file manager.FBBlack was made because I needed simple and useful browser, that is not spying on me, not caching on my storage and not promoting some corporation.

I also needed all of my screen for listing my files – no toolbar, no menu bar or other stupid controls on top, so I have designed my file browser according my needs. I hope the result will like you as it will save you time and space.

Main features of this file manager app:

– whole screen is used for directory listing
– fast copy, delete, move files
– hidden files and folders are listed
– shows thumbnails of images and video without caching anything
– multi file and folder selection
– rename files and folders
– change file extensions
– sort by name, size or date

FB Black is also able to work with my Guitar Tabs X app files “xtab”.


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