Facebook: Adds Reactions And Direct Mention to Its Messenger App

messengerFacebook Messenger App is without a doubt one of the interesting messaging apps available to Android users. With Facebook Messenger App you are able to reach the people in your life and is much like normal texting with the main difference being you don’t have to pay for every message you send. This app is compatible with your data plan. Being a Facebook App, some may think that can only send messages only to your Facebook friends. Well, this is not true. Facebook Messenger App enables you to send massages to people in your phonebook all you have to do is to enter a phone number to add a new contact!

You are wrong if you think that this is the only feature that comes with Facebook Messenger App, there are other amazing features to enjoy. You can take photos and shoot videos right from the app and send them with a single tap. It’s also possible for you to create group chats, name them all from study groups, work groups etc. You can also make free calls via this app even with people from other countries but it’s advisable to do this over Wi-Fi because standard mobile data may be expensive.

In addition to these amazing features, Facebook has announced that it has added two new functionalities to its Messenger App namely: Reactions and Direct Mention. Reactions will allow you to react to a friend’s response almost exactly as you would have to a regular Facebook post. This is somehow similar to Slack but Facebook limits the emoji to just seven. Messenger has also adopted Mentions which also seem to work almost exactly as in Slack. For you to mention someone type @ symbol before their name to notify them to join the chat. The person will then receive a notification informing him that he is wanted in a specific conversation.


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Facebook Messenger’s update should be coming out soon so stay tuned


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