Facebook: Adding Stories And Direct To Its Core App

fb 5The Facebook App is arguably one of the most popular and commonly used apps among Android users. Android users from the four corners of the world at some point in their lives have used Facebook App. Its amazing features make you see what your family and friends are up to: you can share updates, photos and videos of you and your friends having fun. Another cool feature is that it integrates with most – if not all – of the games and other apps. Business people have not been left behind because they can use Facebook as an advertisement platform.

For many years of its existence, Facebook App has been mostly about sharing with others among all the things I have stated above. Facebook is the most popular digital platform on earth with over 1.6 billion people using some form of Facebook wide berth everyday. What Facebook did as it continued with its evolution was to split Messenger from its core app. What this meant is that for you to participate in one-on-one communication, you had to leave the Facebook App.

I can say for certain that in future you will never have to leave Facebook App when you want to engage in a one-on-one conversation because Facebook has announced through one of its blogs that it’s adding Stories to its core app. Stories is more like a mixture of both Snapchat and Instagram to produce a new front-and-center placement. Stories will be available to all Facebook mobile users i.e both Android and iOS users and is a feed of photos and videos put together to form a 24-hour diary that also comes with filters and other camera frills.FB

Facebook has joined other apps which have acknowledged that filters and the camera itself have replaced texts as the most important status update in people lives. Direct is another interesting addition placed on Facebook App because it allows users to share photos and videos of with specific friends for a limited time.


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