Exynos 5410 blamed to be a failurebut then the information was denied by Samsung

The famous source of Samsung related news SAMMOBILE has published information blaming the development of the Exynos 5410 as failure. According to the post that is the main reason why we will not see this octa core chip in every Samsung Galaxy S4 phone but it was replaced by Snapdragon chips. The source said that the big power consumption and the not effective Cache-Coherrent-Interconect (CCI) of the big.LITTLE architecture of the chip are the heart of the problem. And stated that the 4 A15 cores have huge power consumption and there fore are not usable for a mobile device.
However SamsungExynos team officially replied to that and denied the information.

There are not issues with the CCI & this particular implementation of big.LITTLE does show increased performance/efficiency

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