Electric Screen Prank

Electric Screen PrankElectric Screen Prank is the app that make everyone believe that you can generate an electric current when you touch the screen.

This app is free and fun to use. Make your friends see what happens when they touch the screen. Works like magic – super easy to handle. If you ever wondered what will be the reaction of others when they touch a screen that might be so frightening – watch their faces. This joke will work and make your surroundings laugh. Just open the app and put your phone away, as if you are not noticing what is going on. Once someone comes to browse your mobile device he will have an electrifying surprise and you will laugh your heart out, once you will witness their funny reaction. This app don’t actually contain anything real – this is all a simulation, which is intended to create the impression as if this phenomena is real. Up to today technologies, it is not yet possible to create such actions, using your screen device or your fingerprint.

You can customize this trick so it will fit your needs. You can hide your phone and once someone comes and picks it up, he will have a surprise. You can even put your phone next to your girlfriend/boyfriend when he wakes up in the morning, to close his alarm, he will touch the screen and get a nosie that will scare him. Sure to make you laugh together. Get entertained today with this easy to pull joke which is suitable to everyone. If you love having fun and pulling practical jokes than this app will definitely be a one you will relate to.

It’s scary – what is not always possible when pranking others. It’s available to all ages and almost anyone can appreciate it and enjoy it – Just see for yourself, you can prank your boss, your mom, your dad, your co-workers or even your children – anyone can find himself amused at the look and feel of your new screen, when it seems so real.

This app is brought to your totally free on Google play store. This is 100% safe for children usage.


Electric Screen Prank Screenshots

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