DuetDuet – the best video game on Android, would highly recommend it for you!

Duet is a rhythm-based arcade game created by producer based in Melbourne. The game places you in control of two small balls, colored blue and red which doesn’t mean much but just for labeling purposes. The balls are attached exactly opposite each other on a small ring at the bottom of the screen. Touch either side of the screen to twist your balls and avoid everything in your path.

Remember: even that which begins simple can end complex. The ring will rotate for as long as you hold, then stop on a dime the instant you release

Your survival is dependent on protecting two balls – they are devices in sync, a dance and song between two entities tethered together in symbiosis. Feel edge of your seat terror where the world around you becomes quiet and numb as all that matters is the game living between your palms, Duet.

Duet has got eight chapters of deceptive narrative and nerve-twisting gameplay. You can replay any stage to perfect your movements and unlock over 25 achievements.

With air tight controls and gameplay that’s tuned to perfection Duet provides the perfect balance between challenge and pure gaming satisfaction.

Duet soundtrack is so perfect, made by Melbourne composer and Gotye multi-instrumentalist Tim Shiel. Nine unique and mesmerizingly beautiful compositions ensure an immersive experience for you at every step of your journey.

Duet is free to download and play with some advertisements between gameplay. There is an option to get rid of the ads by paying for a one time real money to unlock “Duet Premium”. This will remove all advertisements from the game, unlock Survival mode for endless score chasing delight, the Daily Challenges feature and four bonus challenge chapters.



User reviews: Duet game has been receiving positive comments from users on the Android platform, most praise the game’s sound track, only a few said the ads can be disturbing in the free version.



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