DualDUAL is a local multi-player game where two players use their mobile devices to shoot bullets from one screen to the other. It’s easy to pick up and play in both competitive and cooperative modes: DUEL and DEFEND.

Two opponents with two different Android devices (phones or tablets) control their ship on their screen, while the opponent controls the opposite ship. The field of play extends across both, so you need to be within arm’s length for the full experience.


  • Battle locally over WiFI or *Bluetooth.
  • DUEL – Tilt your phone, dodge bullets, charge, and shoot your friends in this classic duel standoff.
  • DEFEND – Work together to defend the middle from an onslaught of attackers.
  • Collectable color sets unique to your device; unlock them all by playing against different people.
  • Stats, achievements, and leaderboards.

However, there are additional new features like the Bluetooth discovery and connection between Android devices. But does not guaranteed to work between every device.

Also  Manual IP WiFi Discovery has been introduced in this app so if you were not able to connect while on the same WiFi network before, please try manual IP entry from the WiFi lobby.

Other updates include small fixes for slowdowns and crashes on Nexus devices.

With that you are good to go. A co-op mode where both players shoot invading aliens is unlocked for $2.



User reviews: Comments received so far caries warm content, most users mention that the newly added Bluetooth feature is useful.

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