Drum Beats Metronome

Drum Beats MetronomeDrum Beats Metronome

We are excited to announce the success launch of our new app “Drum Beats Metronome” in the play store. Drum Beats Metronome application falls under musical & audio categories in the Play store and was developed by FinestAndroid.com top developer Aleksandar Petrov Mlazev (also a musician) following Google’s new set of development rules. Users who will install this app will enjoy realistic musical drumming on their Android smartphone and can play it anywhere, any time. It is a free app so we can’t hesitate to ask you to try it out on your phone if you enjoy listening to the sound produced by drums.

Drum Beats Metronome app allows you to play your music together with the drum rhythm palyed by the app. Instead of just playing with the boring click of a metronome now you have a drummer in your pocket 🙂

This drum metronome design is simple but very effective; the UI was created in mind of touch-screens while the sounds are realistic and high quality. In this app we’ve made it easy for users to set the tempo in BPM for the drum loops and play. Also users can tap the tempo using the Tap button

The supported range for the tempo is from 70 BPM to 180 BPM. You can change the tempo even when the drum loops are playing using the tempo BPM selector control option or the Tap button. The drum beats metronome is using real drum kit recorded samples in stereo 44100HZ so you can plug your phone directly into the mixer and play or record with it.

We’ve listed features that come in hand with our Drum Beats Metronome app. Read them here:

  • fine tempo tuning from 70 BPM to 180 BPM
  • tap tempo
  • control for easily BPM selection
  • 4 – fast selectable drum beats
  • acoustic drum kit sounds
  • keeps screen on
  • play in loop
  • real time BPM change
  • free

System requirements for Drum Beats metronome includes android versions 3.0 or later and at least 8.5 MB space on SD. Download and install the official Drum Beats metronome from play store at no charge and please, don’t forget to give us your feedback & app rating via play store. If you have a question or suggestion feel free to share with us by hitting on our Contact us tab at the top of our home page.


Drum Beats MetronomeDrum Beats MetronomeDrum Beats Metronome

User reviews: We are counting on you our dear readers to rate our new Drum Beats Metronome app well on the play store. Content rating can be submitted if you’ve already installed the app on your device. Thanks in advance!


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