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Domesticated AnimalsDomesticated Animals

With this application, kids can learn about domesticated animals by how they look, how they sound and how each animal is called by name. Learning Domestic Animals like; cat, cow, dog, donkey, goat, kitten, hen, chicken, chick, piglet, burro, camel, rooster, horse, lamb, peacock, pony, duckling, and sheep it’s fun and easy with this application. Let your toddler grow smart, as there’s always something new to discover for every kid.

Don’t worry if your kid is not a pro using touch screen devices; the app itself is designed for toddlers. Its user interface is just perfect for the little ones so that they can easily slide the real animal images, one after another.  The developers of the app restricted Ads in order for your kids to learn animals 100% Free.

Tap on animal image to hear the sound it makes and tap on the name of the animal to hear the name of the animal displayed on the screen. The app is effective and good to help your kids learn name of various animals if not all and the sound produced by these animals. The app sounds are realistic and you can use external speakers to amplify the app sound.

Here is just a small list of the many features that Domesticated Animals app for Android has:

  • Easy to Navigate to children
  • 100% Free app – No Ads!
  • Touch the image to hear the sound of the animal.
  • Touch the text to hear the animal’s name.
  • Drag the picture left or right to change to the next animal.

This app help children learn the domestic animal names in 3 ways

(1) Visual Representation

(2) Record and Play Animal Names

(3) Draw them on drawing pad

(4) Easy browsing and funny pictures of animals

Domesticated Animals application requires 1.5MB on the SD card and Android versions 1.5 and up. These application for kids can be downloaded on the play store at no charges.

It is good to note that “THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS APP IS DISCONTINUED,” as according to the developer of the app. The newer version of this app is called “New Smart Baby Cards fletech.” Also available in the Play store.

Domesticated Animals app screenshots:

Domesticated AnimalsDomesticated Animals

User reviews: The app has been receiving positive feedback through the play store.



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