Dolphin Browser HD for Android

Dolphin Browser HD for Android Dolphin Browser HD:

Most can do way better than stock apps, namely when it comes to the browser. The Android browser is missing a lot of features that seem to be standard, such as tabbed windows, and falls flat to other more advanced smartphone browsers.

A good solution to that problem is Dolphin, which improves on the stock browser by using up a lot less memory, including tabs, and even introducing “Sonar,” a way to use gestures and voice control to search the web. In comparison with other voice recognition apps, Sonar is at the top of the pack. It is very responsive, and easy to use, putting it on the level with Siri in terms of functionality.

The fact that Dolphin is free makes this all the more interesting, considering the quality you get for the download. It’s not the best quality, but it’s free so you can’t really complain.











User Reviews: Most users are giving it 5 stars, pointing out the ease of use gestures and bookmarks. And it is also FAST. Some of the bad things are the decrease in speed when flash player is involved and the facebook like popup 🙂


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