DEAD TRIGGER 2DEAD TRIGGER 2 If you got a chance to play Dead Trigger shooter game; well, that was nice. Now its successor, Dead Trigger 2 has just received a major update that brings video sharing, new locations, bigger guns, and new shooting environs set up in Europe. The madfinger’s shooter is getting bigger and bigger. Every update brings new content intended to make the game even more enjoyable.

Everyone now can play and try new features like European maps, video sharing, 3 new weapons, list of friends, new Global Warfare, Auto-Heal gadget, permanent Money Booster, 9th level of Hideout and more! Enjoy and share this radio message with all members of Resistance!

Travel across 3 regions in different parts of the Earth, explore 15 various environments. Grab your favorite from one of 30 kinds of weapons and go for the action in more than 150 gameplays.

Join a world where humanity is engaged in the ultimate battle for survival in the face of a global Zombie apocalypse. Choose between a touch control scheme created especially for casual players or an enhanced virtual joystick.

You’ll be dazzled by cutting-edge graphics, including real time water reflections, dynamic vegetation and enhanced ragdolls. Explore various locations and slaughter the undead in eerie Shanghai alleyways, abandoned mines or the African desert.

The game features other interesting features that makes you feel like you are not alone in the battle. The sounds in the play are just amazing, and the radio station lets you stay informed on what is happening globally.

There are variety of missions you can choose from; Global missions or Side quests, and story missions. Participating in global missions lets you receive rewards. In addition, when you complete achievements and meet challenges, you qualify to receive exclusive in-game currency.

Dead Trigger 2 game is FREE to download, available on the play store.



User reviews: This shooter game is well received on the mobile platform.


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