Dark Dot – Unique Shoot ’em Up

Dark Dot IconDark Dot – Unique Shoot ’em Up is a unique vertical scrolling action shooter that allows players to draw and manipulate their very own army of Darklets using formations. There is familiar SHMUP controls alongside unique features and characters that will enhance user’s gameplay experience like no other!

While the gameplay is on, you can draw, resize and rotate to manipulate your formations and shoot to eliminate every stabling blockage in your way!

The draw any shape allows you to unleash your creativity, and conquer the levels using a circle, square, a cat or a unicorn! On the other hand, the resize feature gives you ability to shrink your formation to focus fire or expand to widen the range covered. You can customize as you wish. To maneuver around obstacles or rotate to avoid projectiles! Do it like a pro with a rotate function!

Dark Dot game includes a story mode which entails over 100 player able levels. Find out why Dark Dot is doing what it’s doing! Unlock all memory fragments!

And with over 80 unique darklets, collect and upgrade or evolve over 80 unique Darklets, each with their very own skills and power.

Unlike other shoot ’em ups, you can get special Darklets like the Pandarklet and the Azure Dragon Darklet, each more unique then the other and watch them lead your army to victory.

Dark Dot game also features 9 Elemental Darklet types that you can equip to your team, each with a different power! Just like any other SHMUP you’re used to, customize your attacks and use them to your advantage!

Dark Dot has got additional new feature that you will all enjoy; where the Darkest of Terrors has learnt to channel his powers through the Sigil! The Powers grow stronger the more Darklets you obtain (via Morphing or via any other channels) and Evolve.

Dark Dot – Unique Shoot ’em Up is totally free, but expect to come across ads, also in-app purchases.


Dark Dot screenshot 1Dark Dot screenshot 1



Installs: 100,000 – 500,000

Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up

Offered By: Inzen Studio

Developer Email: darkdot@inzenstudio.com

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