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Currency exchange is a necessity of international business, and it’s very important to stay informed   (before in and when in the business)  about the interchange rates among the variety of currency available in the market. It is a good business; but only if you have the right tools to face it.  Else you can hate the business forever.

There are a lot of times and a lot of reasons that makes people stuck when it comes to exchange rates, more especially when they receive currency’s that they hardly come across. Perhaps you may be in  small business and its expanding into a new international market, or you’re on a business vacation in a new country, you’re receiving supplies overseas, or any other reason. You will need software to help you filter exchange rates to get the maximum of it. Thanks to Android, the platform boasts of many such apps.

Meanwhile, there is one app out of the many i know that you can use to find out foreign currency exchange rates. It is from OANDA Corporation know as the Currency Converter.

With this app on your phone, you can use it to convert amounts for 190 (plus) currencies and four precious metals using OANDA Rate® data (the daily filtered rates used by corporations, tax authorities, auditing firms, and financial institutions). The converter automatically lists your 10 most frequently used currencies for easy access. It includes a specify Inter bank rates so use the percentage add-on to calculate typical rates charged by your bank or credit card company.

A nice added feature is the ability to select and apply a commission rate. The commission rate basically deducts a percentage from the exchange, which may be taken as a fee by an ATM, credit card among other withdrawal methods that suits you.

Therefore, if you need a simple and easy to use app, and a very basic app; an application that doesn’t hog up CPU power, this one is for them. No fancy graphs or additional features, just straight-up conversion. Constant updates are needed to keep the currency rates in line with the market, you can try OANDA’S Currency Converter. It is free, and available in the Google play store.


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Currency Converter is an awesome app well received by users and it has an average rating of Four.5/5 Star in the Google market.

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