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When Peter Molyneux, the mind behind such videogame successes as Populous and the Fable series, left the comfort of Lionhead Studios to be part of the new company, 22Cans, the gaming world expected… Interesting things from the little business. After all, Molyneux is known for having ideas that are so grand, so revolutionary, that he ultimately fails to deliver.
Still, his first outing with 22Cans, a mobile-only game/experiment by the name of Curiosity, certainly lives up to its name, as it has many people curious about… Well, what it’s about!
Curiosity is as much an experiment as it is a game. Upon loading the app, you will find yourself staring at a floating cube. Touching the cube will cause the app to zoom in to the surface of the cube. Now, 22Cans explain that the cube is made from sixty four billion tiny cube-lets, but it isn’t until you zoom in to the surface of the cube that you really appreciate how big it is.
The aim of the game is chip away at these cube-lets, removing them one by one, until the cube is no more. Each cube-let you touch shatters into little pieces, but, before you get any ideas about zooming out and pressing your enormous fingertip to hundreds of tiny cube-lets, your touch will only break one cube-let at a time, no matter how zoomed in or out you are.
What zooming out will do, however, reduces your accuracy. This is a problem, because, for every cube-let you break, you get a coin, but if you can keep breaking cube-lets one after the other in fast enough succession, you get multipliers, which means more coins. The coins, of course, can be spent on some interesting toys to help you break more cube-lets, such as Firecrackers, Bombs and Chisels. In addition to the multipliers, you also get bonuses for clearing your screen; with the more cube-lets you’ve cleared increasing the bonus.
You can only break cube-lets on the outermost layer of the cube, however, so there’ll be no tunneling a one cube-let-wide hole all the way to the center  As an aside, each layer has some kind of surprise for those chipping away at the cube, with different images appearing beneath the outer layer.
The ultimate aim is to be the one person who reaches the center of the cube, where “something life hauntingly amazing” is waiting.
As far as games go, this one has very little in the way of depth, but, like a number of social and mobile games, it is extremely addictive, and you may just end up thinking how stupid it is after a couple of minutes, only to find yourself still chipping away a couple of hours later!

If you want to start removing your cubelets, well, download Curiosity app which is freely available on Google play.


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Curiosity – What’s inside the cube

User Reviews:

Google Play comments (8,135)!

Michael Hardwick – December 29, 2012 – Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 2.0

“Great game. It runs excellent on my S3 but I would like it if they made it so you could buy more things with coins rather than real money.”



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