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CSipSimple CSipSimple is a SIP client that allows you to use your Gradwell account on your mobile. It is an open source (GPL) project that aims to bring native SIP with high performance running on Android. Created by Regis Montoya, It relies on the pjsip sip stack and use the pjsip-jni project.

This project will allow native sip for Android devices. The use of this native library will ensure a better speed, call quality and less battery consumption than equivalent pure java projects. Another point is that this project will be compatible with most of SIP registrar and take advantage of the active development of the pjsip C stack.

Gradwell is setup as a provider in the app, meaning that all you need to know to configure the app is your extension number and password.

After downloading the app from the Android Play store simply start it up and click Add account. Select Gradwell from the list of providers in the United Kingdom, and when prompted enter your seven digit extension number as the User name and the extension password.

VoIP over 3G

Please note that not all mobile networks support the use of VoIP over 3G, and that call quality may vary on each call. Therefore our customer services team are unable to support any issues you have whilst attempting to make VoIP calls over a 3G network.

Making a call through over PBX is very similar to making a call over the mobile network. CSipSimple integrates with androids dialer so when you attempt to call either a number or contact you will be prompted if you want to use VOIP or your regular mobile

OpenSource (GPL) project Features

  • High performances
  • Rewriting/filtering rules for integration with Android
  • SIP SIMPLE for Messaging
  • Record calls
  • Simple configuration
  • Fancy UI inspired from 4.x Holo theme
  • Many codecs (HD codecs, optimized codecs)
  • Supported crypto : TLS for SIP and SRTP/ZRTP for media
  • Themes

For now this project is just at the alpha step. So use it only if you want to test something or just for demo purpose.

More codecs (as the experimental Opus) and themes are available in plugins !

Users make the apps : It’s opensource ! This application is distributed under GPLv3 license terms (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt). You can also try the development version (nightly builds) available on the project website if you experiment problems with this version.

Install this application on your phone from Google play for free. It varies with devices


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