Computex 2013: Ivy Bridge third generation processor-based slate runs on Android

At Computex 2013 Intel, a powerful manufacturer of latest generations chips on the PC and smartphone/tablets have shown a reference design of theirs’ Core i Ivy Bridge third generation processor-based slate, that’s shown below running Android.

Core i Ivy Bridge

This 11.6-inch tablet great reference! Running with Android Jelly Bean, plays NOVA 3 game smoothly but lacks an ARM-based processor at the start, but relies on the Ivy Bridge platform from Intel. Being capable of playing NOVA 3 just the Galaxy S III shone with on this game, is convincingly a good machine. Somehow works equal as well as the Acer W700.

Even after folks of mobilegeeks who played with the device at computex say that the device still needs 1 or 2 polish ups before it can be officially released. Therefore, customers don’t expect it to arrive anytime soon; may be slates based on it to be sold soon enough.

Check out for this video from Computex:

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