Chrono Saga

Chrono-Saga.pngPlay Chrono Saga, an action-packed adventure game on your Android platform.

In this game you collect various buffs to enjoy unlimited action. Heroes gather from across space and time to wield the power of infinite buffs! Take the journey to explore all existing buffs in the world!

Chrono Saga is the first RPG in landscape and portrait modes! So, that means that you can enjoy your adventure anywhere, in landscape or portrait mode, as you like it.

Chrono Saga features a tag team for effective combat that allows you to switch party members instantly with a single tap! You can as well utilize your 6 Heroes freely to win strategic battles!

And now with the new and exciting Hero advancement, you can upgrade your Heroes and make them stronger! Also use Evolving Monsters and Rune system to make your Heroes unique!

Chrono Saga version 1.0.7 is the most recent with this updates:

  • Chrono Maze stage 10 now slightly easier to clear.
  • Items are received from the Gift Box even if the app is restarted.
  • Evolving two identical MAX rank Heroes will now produce a random Hero of the next rank.
  • This only applies for Heroes that reach their max rank at 2, 3 or 4. Rank 6 Heroes cannot be evolved further

Other Chrono Saga features include:

  • An endless amount of content to explore!
  • Daily Dungeon / Chrono Maze / Soul Dungeon / PvP!
  • Connect and compete with your friends via various game modes!


Chrono Saga Screenshot

User reviews: Chrono Saga has been receiving positive comments on the Google play store.

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