Christmas Games For Android

Christmas games iconChristmas Games is an application created by the kidgames developers, that entails a number of apps for kids to play during the holidays.

Happy New Year kids!

Here is an a wonderful app for you! It’s a set of children’s games for Christmas letting in  the following 5 games, namely: Jigsaw Puzzle, Shape Puzzle, Connect the Dots, Memory Game and Scratch Game.

This is not only an entertaining app but also an educational game for kindergarten kids helps develop motor skills, timing, grammatical relation of hands and eyes, imagination, and more important creativity. All the included games aim to teach children about shapes, image recognition, and number pronunciation.

Lets have a look at each game bit by bit.

Memory Game:

Starting with the memory game, it is a matching game and we all know that matching games are a great way to improve kids’ short-term memory skills, it again develops their concentration, and cognitive skills! All cards are laid upside down and are flicked over by the player in each turn.

The user must then recall where the matching cards are placed and touch them to come up with a perfect match.

Jigsaw Puzzle:

It’s easy to use, it’s all about dragging the pieces to the right place to create an image.

Scratch Game:

The kids discover the hidden picture underneath; for them to do so, they have to scratch to erase the top layer with a finger.

Shape Puzzle game:

This one, kids moves shapes into the outline of an object. Once all of the puzzle pieces are in order, the placed objects bring into to an accomplishment of an identifiable image. A voice would be hard giving some sort of encouragement, like, “Good job! Or well done!”, etc.

Placing a piece in the puzzle’s outline, it coordinates by snapping into place.

Connect the Dots:

It allows your kindergarten kid to practice numbers and image identification. Here, the rule is simple, the child must touch the numbers in a sequence, and the app draws the line for them.

Each number is announced upon pressing. This game is programmed to announce the numbers in 17 distinct languages which includes; Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, English, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Hindi, Portuguese, and Chinese (Simplified).

On reaching the last number, the object fills up in with a detailed cartoon image of the thing that you just traced.

The game is optimized for Android Smartphones and tablets.

Through this learning practice, children will have hours of fun. The famous Santa, Snowman and company will put your children in a merry Christmas mood!

This app is downloadable at Google play for free!





Watch the clip below:

User Reviews:

Google Play reviews (268)!

As per the parents, Christmas games are a fantastic app for kids. However, we are looking forward for more reviews. The app has a rating of 4.3/5 star


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