The newest addition to the popular smartphone RPG series is finally here!

CHAOS RINGS ⅢChaos Rings III is an RPG that has you exploring a ruined world to complete missions and find hidden treasures. As part of a continuing series, CHAOS RINGS OMEGA was launched in 2011, followed by CHAOS RINGS II in 2012. It features gorgeous, Kingdom Hearts-style graphics, decent music, and a long story line. You can also engage with Battle Mode if you want to take a break from the story. It’s expensive but there’s a lot to do and there are no in app purchases.

In Chaos Rings III, the main character is thrown into an intense story-driven adventure that takes him to an azure planet called ‘Marble Blue.’ What’s special about Marble Blue is that it hosts monsters, treasure, unexplored lands, and legends. Like all other Square Enix RPGS, there is a massive amount of lore, and incredibly large weapons.

On the floating continent high in the sky, you can find New Paleo. Explorers from all across the land flock to this hub city, seeking to fulfill their dreams and desires. But this is but a brief stop before their journey to their true destination, the azure planet of Marble Blue.

The protagonist lives on the outskirts of town with his sister, tending to the family’s livestock. One night, led by a mysterious voice, he meets a beautiful woman, who says to him thus:

“You must go now. Marble Blue, the sparkling blue mother planet, awaits.”

Worlds yet undiscovered, treasures that fulfill your wildest dreams, mythologies lost in the pages of history…a great journey, the dream of a thousand years, is about to begin.

The rich game world, deep storyline, and high-quality soundtrack have been praised throughout the world, recording over 1.1 million downloads across the series. To this day, CHAOS RINGS firmly maintains its position as the best RPG series available for smartphones.

This game is available for purchase in Google play store, at $19.90. It’s is 2.3GB, and installs on Android Versions 4.0 or higher.



User reviews: User reviews reflects that Chaos Rings III is a great game, and it’s liked especially due to its quality in general and its great graphics.


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