Castle Clash: #1 Strategy Game on Android!

Castle Clash1Castle Clash is one of the best strategy battle games available on Google play for Android users. It is a strategy game developed for use on smartphones and tablets devices.

This game combines a playful mix of characters, buildings, guilds, special abilities, magic, castle, different fighting environments, social interaction and other options that. In this game, players manages villages which they own and works to expands as big as they can. Therefore, when you construct various buildings, you can recruit armies and attack other players. Upgrading your buildings is hands down the most important piece of progressing through Castle Clash.

Castle Clash sounds a little tiresome, but offers tons of variance and add-ons that keep you coming back. The graphics and music are superb with handheld consoles and offer plenty of style.

The game controls are perfect and respond to touches very well. Link your social media profiles to your game profile and share with your friends and family. Another thing you can do is to join Castle Clash’s rowdy chat room (beware of the adult themes present once you’re there). The game is available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian and many more to come.

Game Features:

  • Build and upgrade your impenetrable fortress!
  • Create the ultimate army from a dozen wild troops!
  • Fast-paced, thrilling, and realistic battles!
  • Pit your Heroes against other Players in the Arena!
  • Tap and swipe to cast powerful spells!
  • Free-to-play fantasy strategy.

New Updates: 1. Torch Battles and Multiplayer Dungeons have now been added to Castle Clash. 2. Added a new Hero – Aries.

  • Skill: Calamity
  • About Skill: Damages X Heroes by Y% ATK, reduces their energy by Y and disables their skills for A sec.

3. Fixed multiple bugs that hindered game performance. This game requires an internet connection, Android versions 2.3 and up. Download it free of charge via Google play and erect your castle, create your army and call other players to the arena for the battle. Develop your strategy and achieve your objectives. Have fun!


Castle Clash3Castle Clash4

User reviews: This game has receive positive critics on Google play; On more that 2,000,000 reviews, it has an average rating of 4.6/5 star.

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