CaretTransforms your address book into a useful view of your contacts’ availability and status with Caret App !

Wondering when your contacts will be available for lunch, a movie, or to finally finish that TPS report they’ve been putting off? Caret is designed to allow you to see which of the people you know can be reached and where they are, and which can’t (so long as they’re using the app and agree, of course). This seems like it’s targeted at work teams… though I’m not so sure how eager most people would be to give this info to their bosses or co-workers.

Caret is available as a free app on Google play. You can download it today and start enjoying exchanges automated status updates with your approved contacts, such as call availability, calendar events, location triggers, local time and timezone information, etc.

Here are some screenshots

Caret Screenshot 1Caret screenshot 2

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