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If you’ve been searching for an Android application that will give an effective dim option, great update and great little app? Capacitive Buttons Brightness app works as described. I would even pay for it if there is a toggle widget I can put on my home screen.  In order for it to work consistently after each boot, use SuperSU instead Superuser. HTC One XL CM10 Saves battery and gets rid of the attractively bright white buttons whilst watching movies!

What is the main purpose of this app?

It was developed by Sleepy Dragon to control the brightness of the capacitive buttons (the back, home, and recent tasks buttons) on several devices in the HTC One series. Root is required in order for this application to work, but it works with any ROM.

Officially Supported Devices include the HTC One X (evita, North American variant, dual-core), HTC One X (endeavoru, International variant, quad-core), and HTC One X+ (evitareul). Rumour has it that it also works just fine on HTC One S, HTC One V,  HTC Desire HD, and  HTC Evo 3D devices (have had at least one report of working but no development effort has (yet) been focused on them).


  1. The button’s light should be under control of the display options and the light sensor upon waking the unit.
  2. Any chance you are rooted running CM7 and have been editing the ‘display options’? There are settings there that can control whether or not your lights come on or not based on your light sensor.
  3. If you’re not running CM, is your display brightness set to ‘automatic’? Double check, some apps can change this (IIRC). Not sure if the stock ROM automatic setting alters the hard buttons, but try it and see. You could also possibly have a faulty light sensor, but I’m not thinking that’s a high failure item.

Capacitive Buttons Brightness is free and open source, released under the GNU General Public License v3. It is available on Google play store for download, and it requires Android version 4.0 and up.


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Capacitive Buttons Brightness v1.0.8 for HTC Android Devices

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Average Rating: Four.8/5 star, Google play store

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