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CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator iconCamScanner -Phone PDF Creator developed by IntSig Information Co.,Ltd can be used to scan documents, Fax, and create PDFs.

This is the license key to let you create and scan as many documents as you like. CamScanner PDF Creator just made your job easier!

This app can be very useful to both students and lecturers. For maximum benefit, users create account online as one of the process of installing CamScanner- PDF Creater into your Android Phone.

1. Teachers and students are able to register and log in CamScanner with .edu email address for upgrading CamScanner to the full version freely.

2. Registered users are able to manage and transfer fax balance across different platforms or devices firstly. And then we will add more exclusive features for the registered users in the future updated version, please stay tuned.

CamScanner turns your phone into a scanner and a fax machine.

With CamScanner, you are able to digitize any paper documents by photo shooting. Simply take a picture of any paper documents such as receipts, whiteboards, notes, agreement and so forth, and CamScanner can auto-crop image, enhance image quality and create an industry standard PDF file. And the scanned documents can be shared via Email, faxed or printed via Internet, uploaded to cloud, and managed by tagging or searching.


  1. Advanced image processing technology
  2. Scan multi-page document
  3. Tag document
  4. Share document by email or SMS
  5. Upload to cloud storage (Google Docs, Box, Drop box)
  6. Google Cloud Print & Fax
  7. Auto detect and crop image
  8. Auto enhance image

CamScanner is capable of:

a)      Scan

  • Multi-page document: Scan and manage your documents which can include many pages.
  • Quickly batch scanning: Continuous batch scanning and no more wait, fast and convenient.
  • Auto-cropping: Auto crop off unnecessary part on an image with smart image processing algorithm.
  • Color enhancement: Adjust color and brightness to ultimately make images clear and recognizable automatically.

 b)      PDF

  • Creating PDF: Preview and create PDF files (with note embedded).
  • Multiple PDF page sizes: Over 10 different sizes of PDF files are available (Letter, A4, B5 and etc.).

c)       Share

  • Fax: Fax scanned documents via Internet.
  • Save images to gallery: Save processed images into gallery.
  • Email: Send files (PDF) or processed images via email.
  • Cloud print: Print files wirelessly with Google cloud print.
  • Cloud storage: Upload files to online storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox,, Evernote and SkyDrive

 d)      Protection

  • Backup and Restore: Backup / restore the documents into /from phone SD card.
  • Password Protection: Protect your confidential documents with password!

 e)      Management

  • Add Notes: Every page in a document can be attached a note and searched by them.
  • User-defined tags: User-defined tags to be attached to document so as to facilitate management and search.
  • Multiple viewing modes: List view and thumbnail view are available.
  • Copy/Move: Support copy or move files between documents.
  • Search: Search archives by title, tag and note.
  • Merge: Combine multiple documents into one.

 f)       Registration

  • Sign up and login: Fax balance can be managed with your CamScanner account for registered user.
  • Exclusive feature for students and teachers: Register and log in CamScanner with .edu email address can be upgraded to CamScanner full version freely.

In the CamScanner Free Version, includes advertisements; PDF files generated are embedded with watermark; upload to Evernote and SkyDrive with time limit. While in full version, there are no advertisements; PDF files generated are clean without watermark; upload to Evernote and SkyDrive without any time limit.

















User Reviews:

Google Play comments ()!

CamScanner Free version is well received by students and teachers. It has a rating of four.6/5 star on the Google market.

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