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c•PRO+ craigslist Client Droid ICONc•PRO+ craigslist Client Droid if you work at the comfort of your home but you’re faced with a lot of challenges like getting  the right contracts that suites your capabilities or you spend most time searching for jobs instead of working; well maybe you should consider c•PRO+ craigslist Client Droid app. It maybe the app you need to achieve your success. This app allows users to Search, Post, Photo Previews, Notifications, Photo Wall, Map Browser, and Multi-City Searches. Actually, you search Craigslist much more easily than the Web site, and it offers a handful of other great features

cPro craigslist Client for Android is the ULTIMATE Craigslist mobile browser with myriad UNMATCHED features and options such as follows.

  • SEARCH AGENTS notify you as soon as a new posting matching your search requirements appears on Craigslist.
  • You can search in MULTIPLE CITIES and preview results with THUMBNAIL photos and item descriptions.
  • GPS-based AUTO-LOCATION will automatically find and suggest Craigslist areas closest to you.
  • You can POST with PHOTOS to Craigslist and MANAGE your Craigslist account (including EDITING, REPOSTING, etc).
  • Browse listings by photos using the PHOTO WALL.
  • See all listings on a map using the MAP BROWSER.
  • You can SAVE and reuse FULLY-CONFIGURED SEARCHES. The TRACKING SYSTEM of SAVED SEARCHES displays new match indicators.

cPro includes all ADULT sections of Craigslist.

It is very difficult finding an item of your interest without a specific system. For you to make work easy on your side you need to customize your searches; cPro provides over 20 ENHANCED SEARCH OPTIONS to help you with that. Why not try it today? While millions of postings at Craigslist, finding an item of interest requires customized searches.

This app simplifies things by sorting the results by DATE, MATCH, or PRICE. You can use NEIGHBORHOOD filtering in metropolitan areas as well as just tap on any photo and you will be able to see it FULL-SCREEN. SAVE posted PHOTOS to your Photo Albums.

Save any Craigslist posting to the list of your FAVORITES. EMAIL / TEXT interesting posts to either yourself or your friend directly from cPro.  You can REPLY by email to posters too.

Use GOOGLE MAPS to your advantage to retrieve DIRECTIONS to listings from your current location.

c•PRO+ craigslist Client Droid can be downloaded on Google play at the cost of $ 1.99 only. If you own an Android running Android version 2.2 or later and want to reap maximum output results of your searches, then make use of this app.

Finally but nit the craigslist and associated trademarks are owned by craigslist, Inc. and are being used under licensed permission from craigslist, Inc. for a limited purpose. www.craigslist.org


c•PRO+ craigslist Client Droid Screenshot

c•PRO+ craigslist Client Droid Screenshot c•PRO+ craigslist Client Droid Screenshot c•PRO+ craigslist Client Droid Screenshot


User Reviews:

Google play comments (7,729)!

The craigslist app is actually makes it easier to navigate than the website itself. However, on the same way, it allows users to respond fast and score great deals. Thank you!

Average rating: Four.6/5 star on Google play.

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