Brave Rocket Free

Brave Rocket

Brave Rocket Free

This is a new game – created by us ( By clicking on the links you can install the free version of it which is the same as the paid one but shows ads at the bottom. When you are off-line the ads didn’t show 😉 but if you like the game or want to support us you can get the paid version for 0.99$

However here is the story behind the game…

About 10 years ago, when the smartest mobile device was the Palm PDA, I was a young software developer who was creating apps for the Palm. From that dark time it turns out I remember one single, simple but very addictive black and white game. So these days I come to the idea to create a very simple, very funny and I hope also addictive retro style game  in the same genre as that black and white Palm classic. Of course as the Android OS is much more modern and powerful these days I added some cartoon graphics, sound effects and music but never went out of the retro style. I recommend you to give it a try as it is a short, casual game with a great action and skills required.

Here is the description and link to the game


There is a small gravity field that accelerates the rocket down. When you are touching the screen – the rocket engines are powered up and the rocket accelerates up.

The brave rocket must survive! Avoid rocks and walls and you will be fine.


Brave Rocket Free




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