BombSquad Android- Bombs away!

BombSquadUse your Android device as a wireless controller for BombSquad, an explosive arcade-style party game available on OUYA, Mac, and FireTV.

BombSquad Remote features customizable on-screen button sizes and positions, support for hardware controls, and up to 8 devices can join a game at once over a wifi network.

Blow up your friends in mini-games ranging from capture-the-flag to hockey! Featuring gratuitous explosions, advanced ragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians, insane chefs, and more.

BombSquad supports network-play as well as 8 player local multiplayer so all your friends can get in on the action.

You can even use phones and tablets as additional controllers via the free ‘BombSquad Remote’ app.

Featured in NVIDIA TegraZone.

Plays great with full controller support on NVIDIA SHIELD Portable, SHIELD tablet, and Android TV.

Optimized for NVIDIA Tegra K1.

NVIDIA Tegra K1 features including higher bit-depth rendering, 1080p multisample antialiasing, and 50% more detail and debris in explosions, energy shields, and other effects.

Game features:

  • Great graphics
  • Up to 8 players
  • Simple controls
  • Many maps
  • Play with friends

Harness your mastery of physics to barrage your opponents from afar with precision-thrown bombs, or simply charge in and toss your enemies off the nearest cliff; all’s fair in love and BombSquad.

Download your app from Google play for Android platform, its free. Requires Android 4.0 and up.



User reviews: BombSquad has received positive critics.

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