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BodBot iconBodBot is a free personal trainer, strength coach, and performance specialist, mobile application.

As a result of several decades of development, BodBot developers, represents the 5th generation of the RoboCop program. Without calling for the painful and invasive surgery of previous RoboCop programs, BodBot can transform you into a cybernetic crime-fighting juggernaut of epic proportions through it’s algorithmically tailored optimal workouts. Giving you the power of the Milky Way Galaxy, BodBot will transform you into an unstoppable force of grizzly bear punches and rage. Soon, as the mutant hybrid offspring of a giant star, Chuck Norris, and Robot Barbara Streisand – you will uphold law and order, and triumph against any and all obstacles in your way

BodBot tailors workout plans based on your goal, your abilities and more. It is available on Google play for free.

Reach your fitness goals faster and without incurring any cost. Tell BodBot your goal, schedule, muscle focus, available equipment, and exercise history, and it will generate a plan for you

What happens if you miss a day? Or want to work out today even though you don’t have a workout planned? No problem. Let BodBot know and it will adapt your plan accordingly.

However, for those few who hate running or pull ups? Or any other exercise? Tell BodBot, and it will nix the exercise and replace it with one that gets similar results.

Not forgetting, for those who have flexibility issues or strength imbalances, they too qualify to use BodBot. BodBot will test you, find your weak points, and give you the perfect plan for where you’re at.

Does BodBot have a blog?

It does indeed. The BodBlog has our thoughts on fitness and nutrition, from a scientific, sociological, and psychological perspective.

How do I start using BodBot?

Login to your training page and do the workout we’ve recommended for today. Click on, “did it,” when you’ve completed the workout. Alternatively, you can grab Android apps to take your workout with you to the gym.

Why should I trust the workouts BodBot recommends?

BodBot comes from over two years of work by Harvard and Columbia-graduated fitness experts, both of whom experienced their own body transformations from emaciation and obesity to college athletics. Fitness changed their lives in a fundamental way. It is absolutely central to their lives and they have studied it for over 20 years in total. The BodBot’s algorithm is based on cutting edge research and tried-and-true techniques; together. Its founders have the experience, education, and passion for fitness necessary to make BodBot the quasi-futuristic product that it is




Check an introductory video clip below.

User Reviews:

“This is what I have needed for so long. I’ve always been willing to work out, but have floundered with trying to plan a workout. This is perfect!!

THANK YOU!!” – H_Blackstone

Bodbot app currently has a rating of four.0/5 star, you can submit your comments at Google play to improve the rating.

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