Boat Browser Mini

Boat Browser Mini

Boat Browser Mini:

In the mobile browser war, the Boat Browser is often overlooked by users who tried Firefox, Dolphin, and Opera first, and were happy enough with them. To be honest, the stock browser on androids is usually up-to-snuff. But this review owns AT&Ts budget-sensetive smart phone, the Android Impulse. Its power is  juvenile compared to a Galaxy S3, and so the search for a fast, streamlined browser began. The Boat Browser Mini won the race.

Each big developer has a ‘mini’ version of their app ― something resembling the main browser but without a few features. Boat Browser Mini is all but featureless: it includes bookmarks, a favorites launch page  (called the “speed dial homepage”), tabbed browser, optional volume-key functionality (scroll, zoom, or tab switching), incognito browsing, themes, and so on. Everything you need in a good browser, but with an elegant, versatile UI that puts big browsers to shame.

Of course, I have a bias: Boat Browser Mini boots faster than any other browser on my Impulse, and it loads pages faster than Firefox and Dolphin HD. Scrolling and zooming are smooth, and the resolution is always perfectly clear. Switch to night mode, or between web and mobiles views in an instant and a half.  Quickly switch to fullscreen browsing by rotating the phone into landscape.

I’m convinced that if I were to upgrade to a new phone soon, even to a heavy-duty Galaxy Nexus, I would still use this browser. There is nothing about it I don’t like. I used one of the big, popular browsers (I won’t say which one, but its number of downloads is in the hundreds of thousands), and got very tired of pages hanging and not loading, and the useless clutter of superfluous options, buttons, and menus―menus popping out every which way. Often a menus will pop out just when I’m trying to scroll . . . That sort of thing doesn’t happen with Boat Browser Mini.

The full version of Boat Browser resembles Opera and Dolphin HD in functionality, whereas the Mini version is closer to the iPhone’s stock browser. At only 10,000 downloads on the marketplace, Boat Browser Mini deserves more attention.


Boat browserBoat BrowserBoat BrowserBoat Browser


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