The Blocks Cometh: Super addictive game-play!

The Blocks ComethThe Blocks Cometh is placed around the destruction of a random world, has a protagonist attempting to climb blocks as high as he can without being crushed or falling to his death. Released from Noodlecake Studio, on November; the game is priced $ 1.90 ONLY on Google play.

According to this game, the world is being destroyed. Help Blockman and his friends to survive as long as you can. Run, jump, and shoot and climb to top your highest score in this endless vertical climber. The Blocks Cometh is a game about dodging and climbing an endless series of falling blocks.

Featuring guest characters like Mr.Destructoid, the one and only Jim Sterling and The Agent from League of Evil. Plus so much More!

The Blocks Cometh has style to spare with amazing original soundtrack by indie music sensations Hyperduck Sound works.

There are different game types to choose from, as well as the ability to connect to Google Play Services for leaderboards and achievements.

Download this retro-fantastic game and help the hero dodge all the blocks falling from the sky. The controls are so perfect, you can move from side to side, jump from one block to another and climb higher and higher as you guide your hero. Protect your hero from being hit by falling blocks. Jump on blocks, from one block to another. Push off from the falling blocks and jump even higher. Shoot the blocks and blow them up. Set a new record by rising as high as you can.

If you love games with a retro aesthetic, you’ll absolutely love The Blocks Cometh. It supports android 2.3 and up.


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User reviews: Users who have placed comments on Google play about The Blocks Cometh game have praised its great and well polished graphics, the game controls

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