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Bladeslinger ICONBladeslinger is set in the Wild West, stars a cowboy named William Glaston, who returns to his hometown only to find it taken over by evil forces that have turned its population into bloodthirsty monsters. In his search for answers, William must fight off all kinds of deadly foes, collect mystical charms and uncover secrets that will help piece together what happened to his beloved town. He uses a gun as his weapon just like most cowboys, but he also wields a sword and has a metal arm that he can punch enemies with. The developers totally went with everything here, and the game itself is totally reminiscent of Devil May Cry, with gameplay consisting of blade slashing and gun firing.

The game introduces graphics features never seen before on mobile platform. Multiple mind-blowing 3D environments and characters, dynamic lighting and shadows with no detail spared. As mobile games approach console quality, Bladeslinger pushes the bar further than ever before, a shining example of the quality we’ve come to expect from paid titles.

Incredible user interface and utilizes well the high-end hardware devices, the premises are richly detailed with great textures and lighting, and draws you in as you advance through the six chapters that make up the first episode. Even the inventory and upgrades menus look great and are easy to navigate especially on the high-end mobile devices. It is fairly worth to keep your $ rolling for this title.

The story is set on monsters of Hammer’s Peak in a rural town totally different from the classic Westerns. The fearsome creatures which come in a variety of grotesque shapes and sizes are refreshing change from the recent string of unimaginative zombie games that almost everyone played. The characters are well polished, and discovering new enemy types and NPCs is quite rewarding. I also enjoyed the game’s depth of field feature, which added to its immersiveness, if such a thing exists.

Bladeslinger takes full advantage of the flexibility and unique options for gaming with touch screen devices. Quick shooting, split second dodging, combo attacks, monster punching and punishing special moves — all achieved with simple, intuitive touch gesture controls.

You want to save this game so that you can play anytime – anywhere, then be ready to spend at least $ 2.99 on Google play, Android store.


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Bladeslinger game is well received on Google market.

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