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BitTorrent Now ICONBitTorrent Now music and video streaming app launches on Android. Many know BitTorrent as specter of piracy, but this is not what this app is about. This app wants to bring you the best place to experience music and video from the underground artists you don’t know about yet. BitTorrent the company says that they are a rabbit hole of on-demand songs, stories, and more for fans looking for that next, best thing.

Everything available in BitTorrent Now is supposed to be provided by the content creator—it’s not a platform for piracy. It’s also not entirely free. A lot of the content in BitTorrent Now will be free, but some of it will be supported by ads or require payment to access. BitTorrent is using its “Bundle” format for paid content. You can usually get a few files for free, then essentially pay for access to a torrent that has the premium content. The artists can set a minimum price for their Bundles, but you can pay more if you want.

This platform will be dedicated to sharing the world’s original, experimental, and straight-up brave stories in a way that gives these creators a sustainable future for their art. BitTorrent now will also support advertisement which they say the revenue collected will be shared in a fair and transparent way with the creative community on that platform. In that, users have a chance to directly support the artists who you want to succeed.

Why is advertisement on this BitTorrent now important?

  • Experience it now or save it for later: browse and stream curated music and video recommendations from independent artists
  • Check out what tracks, artists, and videos are trending within the Now community
  • Personalize your experience by signing in with Facebook, Google+, or email to follow your favorite artists to get the scoop on their latest releases
  • Explore categories by tag, genre, and more
  • Share the awesome stories you’ve discovered with friends
  • Uninterrupted listening with background play — listen the way you want to

BitTorrent now is already available for Android users on Google play store (coming soon for Apple TV and iOS). The app is absolutely free to download, but requires Android 5.0 and higher.


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USER REVIEWS: This app has seen good reception on Android, and its already enjoying positive reviews.

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