Binball Pro – Classic for Android

Pinball Pro IconPinball Pro is a free pinball game for Android that provides an intuitive and realistic simulation of the classic arcade game format. It is easy and fun to play. Hold your finger and release it to bring out the ball, and then control the flippers by tapping anywhere on the right or left of your mobile touch screen. The side you tap, fully depends on the position of the flip you would like to use, that is the right flips or left flips. Unfortunately, you will notice that there is no nudge controls for this version yet.



There are three tables in Pinball Pro to choose from where each table is unique from others. The classic, lucky stones, and lucky wheels. It appears that the first table is the standard one where else the second and third seem more innovative. You have to pick the available lucky stones to score points. The lucky wheel will enable the balls to spin around in a giant wheel of fortune style wheel. The visual/vibrate or audio feedback for any bumper hit feel is always a exciting experience.

The game table designs and the ball science are well dressed. You will be stunned with the level of realism and cutting edge visuals. The graphics are of high standard.


  • 3 innovative tables namely; Classic, Lucky Stones, and lucky wheel
  • Visual stunning graphics
  • Unique sound track with beautiful atmospheric music and sound effects
  • The most advance ball physics


 Screenshot 3Screenshot 5






Jaypeecee, a user gives his review on September 3, 2012 at Google play and says, “I’ve been looking for pinball game to play on my tab and this one is simply superb. I have only played one table so far. The ball physics are so realistic and sounds are great. Reminds me of my childhood when I used to filter away my pocket money on the real tables on Blackpool’s golden mile. Favorite table was Gottlieb’s Pontoon”.

Its rating stands at 4.2 star out of 5 star.


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