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BBQ Android 2013Let us talk Android for the better!

Family get-together is one of the most fun even that rocks and still will in future. A time of such event is usually important for people having relative things in common that unites them as a one or a family. And by this angle of view, last weekend was one great event for Android family famously known as Big Android BBQ. The event comes only ones a year offering a chance for Android fans, developers, manufacturers, journalists, sponsors and event volunteers to talk about Android mobile operating system and share some like-minded discussions.

This times’ Android BBQ 2013 was attended by a group of several hundred Android enthusiasts with a central purpose – to share some words, some experiences and some food. It was a three day even that saw all kind of weather conditions, from sun shine to rain in Dallas, Texas. The colourful event ended Saturday night with a fantastic party full of great people and money raised for charity.

Below is a comment from BBQ staff about the fund raise, posted on G+

The Big Android BBQ Staff is extremely excited to announce that YOU, the attendees and sponsors of the #BABBQ  , were able to raise $8506 for the Rapha House last night! This blew our goal of $6000 out of the water! WAY TO GO!

People attending from various parts of the world, The Big Android BBQ gave everyone a chance to learn a thing or two about devices of all kinds, hear some great speakers and meet with representatives from well-known companies as well.

Now that the BBQ 2013 function has finally past, we have no option but to chill until the next one in 2014, God willing. The good thing is that the even has left us with an App that we can lies with for updates and to keep the spirit of BBQ Android on. Available on Play store, the BABBQ Android app can be acquired freely by any android user. This way, you can keep up with news, the schedule, learn more about the speakers or just to collect some pins while you’re down in Dallas.

With a completely new re-design for the 2013 get-together, the new app is user friendly. Be sure to install the app and link it to your Google+ profile for the best experience.


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