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Bentley's HackpackBentley’s Hackpack™ is a PSN game that is a kind of add-on offering mini-games based on the world of Sly Cooper, with the release Sly Cooper: Thieves. The arcade Bentley which offers three arcade games that are hacking the system, alter ego and spark runner. In all, the game has forty levels, so divided by three.

In fact, this mini-game, known for Sly 2: Band of Thieves, wherein Bentley trying to hack into computers using its computer tanks. You must therefore destroy enemy tanks using its own tanks that change depending on the options you want to use. However, they are not all available at the same time, it is really depending on the situation they should be used. So there is green – sorry, I ‘m really more names in mind – allowing normally takes and wear the yellow key as you will see from the screenshot at the bottom of this review; the rose, which draws large bombs and moves very slowly, so it is more powerful damage but its slowness puts easier to thank your enemies, and blue, which is faster and can make electricity to eliminate loops lying inside the circle.

Level opponents, are many and varied, some just trying to rush you in, others pulling and moving at the same time as you, other more sturdy but do not move, and the monsters that do not move but shoot like machine guns and you removed quickly if it is not you who do . In addition to lasers, electric usual barriers that stand in your way.

The second game in which the Spark Runner Super Bentley put his costume for the occasion, and is transformed into electric ball to leave the proposed route that are also treacherous is controlled. Then this is the game I like least because it is mostly the gameplay in gyroscope that makes complicated, a bit like mini-games Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack! Where the slightest mistake positioning with Vita is paid cash. One has to take several times to know the course and traps set across the way. This course is playable, but I struggled to find a “comfortable” position to play in putting the parallel console at my table not to move too quickly and take laser or drop the course, which brings us to the beginning. But that does not make it a bad mini-game, as I said. It really is a personal feeling.

So the third and final proposed by Kit piracy Bentley, who is the alter ego mini-game. This is a Shooting horizontal and vertical scrolling at different times. Of course, the screen moves one and it is up to you to do with obstacles and opponents. You can pick up ions that increase the strength of Bentley, on a bearing of ten levels. The more you level up and your damage and your defence also increase. But when you are hit by an opponent, you generally lose a level. I really enjoyed this mini-game, despite the fact that I am not very good on the Shmup usual.

This game is now available in the play store for Android devices. You can try it out before upgrading to access the 45 playable levels. Here is some Screenshots:

Bentley's HackpackBentley's Hackpack

Sly Cooper : Kit Piratage de Bentley – Trailer

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